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  • Rating: 8.0
  • Downloads: 195

  • Licence: Free
  • Language: English
  • Operating System: Windows98/98 SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista7/8
  • Latest Version: 1.01
  • Latest Date: 8/11/2005
  • Size: 10.8MB
  • Developer: Rockstar

GTA San Andreas Patch

GTA San Andreas Patch also known as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Patch

GTA San Andreas Patch also known as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch is a security patch that gets rid of the Hot Coffee Mod, that parents do not want their children playing and offers several improvements to the game.

GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod is a scene where a girl invites our character to drink hot coffee, and it shows explicit images... And by “Hot Coffee" you know what we mean (a clue: they’re not drinking coffee), therefore stopping parental concerns.

Grand Theft Auto: GTA San Andreas is staged in the 90´s, in a place full of mafia, corruption and drugs. Carl, framed for his mother's murder, is on the run. Join his journey as he flees town and goes from Los Santos, which is pretty much Los Angeles; to San Fierro, a version of San Francisco; to La Ventura, a version of Las vegas. The cops are after you....

Grand Theft Auto: GTA San Andreas Features

• Support for HDTV (720 and 1080i resolution)

• Dirty cars may be cleaned

• Fixed audio issues that occurred as a result of vehicle collisions

• Multiple bug fixes

Take your game experience to another level. Uninstall and re-install the game.
Then install Grand Theft Auto: GTA San Andreas Patch and enjoy playing an improved gta san andreas!

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  • Take control over your child's content view
  • Solves graphical problems
  • Great sound and graphics
  • Downgrades GTA San Andreas from v2 to v1
  • Requires Framework first
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